Nikon D300 – Product evaluate

As a professional photographer i’ve been the use of the Nikon D300 for a bit over two years now.My first actual digital camera turned into the Nikon D100 with 6.2 mega pixel seize, and i used to be very impressed with it. Now with the D300 and it’s 12.2 Mega Pixel seize i am happier.I specialise in portraiture so skin tones are the maximum critical factor to me get proper. And with the D300, the color is so true, so accurate that I hardly ever want to make modifications to correct the shade.most of the people of my assignments are for out of doors places at the seashore, so i take advantage of Nikon speedlights to balance the mild. one of the first matters I observed the use of Nikon digital cameras is that the ISO rankings aren’t spot on. inside the case of the D300 as with the D200 i discovered that what the digital camera says is ISO 200 is genuinely ISO a hundred and sixty.I known as Nikon to ask approximately this and became told that the ISO changed into deliberately calibrated that way to prevent over-exposures. it is actual that with virtual sensors over exposed areas, much like slide movie, are close to to impossible to retrieve information from. but, for my part, a digicam designed for professional use as is the D300, the data need to be as accurate as possible.The ISO trouble may be very clean to compensate for and work round to get spot on exposures. So the one actual complaint i’ve with the D300, as changed into the equal with the D200 and the D100 earlier than this is this: The most synch speed for flash is 1/250th of a second.I understand Nikon is capable of making a shutter that synchs at 1/500th because I even have a D70s and it does synch at 1/five hundredth. thankfully the D300 will cross down to one hundred ISO, but nonetheless, on the seaside right here in Hawaii the sky may be so vivid that at one hundred ISO and 1/a hundred and twenty fifth the publicity is F11 or even F16.The problem with that is simply that the Nikon speedlights only deliver me F9 at first-class, so the sky can still get a little blown out.aside from that, i’ve determined the D300 is an fantastic camera. It has a heft and experience of a stable, professional digicam. The controls are at ease and intuitive. i really like the menu alternatives for photograph customization, and of path the Nikon optics are top drawer.the car consciousness is fast and accurate, and works well below low mild conditions. i like that i’m able to nevertheless use all my older Nikon lenses, specifically my 70~200mm F2.8, which is 15 years antique!The shade and image readability is first-rate, and with the 12.2 Mega Pixel documents, i’m able to make enlargements as big as I need with very little manipulation.